Malali to get new primary school, doctor’s quarters


President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali visited the Amerindian Village, Malali, Demerara River, Region Ten on Sunday and announced several development projects.

Some of the projects include the construction of a new primary school to replace the current structure which floods due to its close proximity to the riverbank. An elevated area has been identified for the new school, and a team of engineers has started consultations with the village on the design of the building.

The recreational facility will also be upgraded, a new doctor’s quarters will be constructed, and a new water distribution system will be drilled to ensure sustainable water supply:

President Ali said the government will support the development of 10 acres of agricultural land through the Agriculture and Innovation Entrepreneurship Programme (AIEP).

“We are going to work with you in opening up 10 acres of land to do pineapple, coconut and citrus… The only requirement of this project is that 35 per cent of those who are part of this project must be women and young people,” he told the residents.

The National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) has already committed to providing the plants to cultivate two acres of land set aside for coconuts.

President Ali also stated that approval will be given for a quarry project in the village which will create many opportunities for residents. The Village Council requested this project. As part of the agreement, 50 per cent of the production of the quarry will be given to the government for projects at a fixed price.

“Because of the investment in the new road… we have more than three companies wanting to operate quarries in this community,” he added.

Plans are also on stream to construct a wharf in Linden to facilitate the movement of goods and services from the riverine village.

The President said these are the types of initiatives that will add value to what the government is doing.

“We are building a stronger future, a more prosperous future for the people of this country,” he underscored.

Malali, with a population of just about 250, has thus far benefitted from a total investment of $154 million in just three years.

“We have spent $616,000 on each one of you… and If you look at the 68 households here, we have spent $2.3 million per household in the last three years,” President Ali emphasised.

Under the $3 billion commitment for hinterland development made during the National Toshaos Council (NTC) Conference last year, Malali received $15 million to finance economic projects, including shade house and sawmill initiatives.

The village also received an additional $15 million this year from carbon-credit funds for projects.

Meanwhile, 77 solar panels were distributed to the village under the government’s ‘30,000 solar home systems’ project. (Extracted and modified from DPI)

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