Guns, large quantity of ammo found in barrel at GNIC wharf


Police are investigating the discovery of nine firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition which were found inside a barrel at the GNIC wharf at Lombard and Broad Streets, in Georgetown on Friday.

Reliable sources told the News Room that the discovery was made when the barrel was being processed by customs officials at around 14:20 hrs.

Among the firearms are two Taurus pistols, a Glock 23, a Glock 40, a Roebuck Quad lock pistol, a Glock 19, a Luger pistol, a G3 Taurus pistol and one RF-15 rifle.

The ammunition amounted to 5,280 rounds.

The News Room understands that the firearms and ammunition were concealed between clothing and food items packed inside the barrel.

The barrel was sent to the GNIC wharf through Laparkan shipping from the USA.

It was addressed to a female resident of Guyhoc Park.

At the time of the discovery, a man was present at the wharf to receive the barrel.

He was arrested and is currently being questioned.

  1. habeeb says

    This is LAPARKAN fault. They are not scanning/x-ray merchandise accepted for shipping to Guyana. Hence,
    all these weapons arriving there.
    We have to go through extreme security check at AIRPORTS all over the world with baggage before loaded into the plane. Same for cruise ships. Why can’t it be for cargo ship to Guyana ?
    LAPARKAN should be censored-banning shipments by them to Guyana. Maybe, there is a ( mole) working there , how else these can pass through Laparkan system, if they have one ?

  2. Derek De Souza says

    this is very very very much serious.
    I hope the police investigation gets to the bottom of it and All responsible make jail

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