Gov’t hopes EU partnerships, investment bring ‘quality and style’ to Guyana


With mega businesses from the European Union (EU) scouting trade and investment opportunities here, the government is upbeat about what this could mean for the country.

“We will develop synergies, possible partnerships and then we will have investment opportunities being created that will bring a new way and a new breath of fresh air, in terms of type, quality and style,” Bishop Juan Edghill, Minister of Public Works said Monday evening.

He was speaking at an event to mark the start of operations of the EU-Guyana Chamber of Commerce at the home of the EU Ambassador in Georgetown.

Minister of Public Works Bishop Juan Edghill said the Government has been engaging a number of EU companies and through partnerships, a number of projects were funded.

Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill interacting with guests at the reception (Photo: News Room/ November 21, 2023)

And the government is betting on additional ventures with an EU business mission in the country for the first time.

“It is my hope that networking will be developed.

“Guyana will be changed. Guyana will be different.

“The time to invest is now,” Edghill said.

Economic relations between the European Union (EU) and Guyana are expected to be strengthened through trade, investment and technology transfer with the formal launch of the EU-Guyana Chamber of Commerce.

Chairman of the Chamber, Gregory Dean, urged large multinational businesses as well as small operators to collaborate to create a platform to network and share best practices.

Dean encouraged companies, including Private Sector businesses to join the Chamber of Commerce.

He said he believes that the Chamber of Commerce is in a “unique” position to ensure that all sectors are catered for.

“We are open for business and we are ready for the challenge.

“We believe we have a unique position due to the 27 countries making up the European Union,” he said.

The members of the EU-Guyana Chamber of Commerce (Photo: News Room/November 21, 2023)

The launch of the event coincided with visit of the first ever EU business delegation to Guyana.

According to EU Ambassador to Guyana René Van Nes, Guyana possesses “incredible” growth potential.

“Guyana already has a diverse economy with agriculture, renewable energy, climate security.

“And the European countries that are here (visiting), they have a wealth of experience on exactly those sectors. So to harvest that incredible potential of Guyana you will need to build partnerships,” the EU Ambassador said.

Importantly, he pointed that the country’s resources in oil and gas has to be invested in other sectors to sustain economic growth.

“I know Guyana and its private sector wants to build partnerships and I think that is exactly what the European companies are here for and what they want to explore,” the Ambassador noted.

The EU-Guyana Chamber of Commerce was announced by President Dr Irfaan Ali and former EU Ambassador Fernando Ponz Canto in August 2023.

The members of the EU-Guyana Chamber of Commerce are Vasudeo Singh, Martin Anez Rea, Yanet Vazquez Espinola Singh, Anand Harilall, Ryan Ramjit and Martin Cheong.

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