LA Ballers trounce HH Ballers 15-5 to win ExxonMobil Futsal title in Linden


In what promised to be an epic showdown, the ExxonMobil Futsal tournament finals instead was a one-sided contest, as LA Ballers hammered their way to a 15-5 victory over HH Ballers at the Retrieve Hard Court in Linden on Saturday evening.

Organised by New Era Entertainment, the tournament reached its pinnacle with LA Ballers seizing the coveted G$1 million first-place prize, leaving HH Ballers to settle for G$500,000.

In the third-place clash, YMCA dominated Young Gunners with an impressive 16-6 win, claiming a well-deserved G$200,000 prize, while Young Gunners secured G$100,000 for their fourth-place finish.

The tournament was a rollercoaster of excitement, with the preliminary rounds setting the stage for thrilling encounters.

However, it was LA Ballers who emerged as the undisputed champions, showcasing their prowess by remaining undefeated throughout the competition.

The path to glory saw LA Ballers securing a spot in the finals with a commanding 16-8 win over Young Gunners, while HH Ballers demonstrated their mettle by overcoming YMCA with a 9-4 victory in the semi-finals.

The finals, witnessed by an enthusiastic crowd at the Retrieve Hard Court, including esteemed representatives from tournament sponsors ExxonMobil and Prime Minister Mark Phillips, showcased LA Ballers’ masterful performance as they clinically dismantled HH Ballers.

Jermaine Beckles emerged as the star player for LA Ballers, securing a helmet-trick, with Marcus Tudor and Tyric McAllister both scoring hat-tricks of their own.

Adria Aaron contributed with a double, while Jehu Regis, Andre Mayers, and Amanikie Mayers added to the goal tally for LA Ballers.

Dextroy Adams scored four goals, and Antwoine Gill netted twice for the valiant HH Ballers, who displayed excellence throughout the tournament but faced a formidable challenge against LA Ballers in the finals.

Adding to the glory, LA Ballers, based in Central McKenzie, will also enjoy the benefits of a community project of their choice, generously sponsored by ExxonMobil.

Co-Director of New Era Entertainment, Aubrey Major Jr, described the tournament as “one of the best we’ve had since hosting the event,” while thanking the players for remaining disciplined.

He thanked the players and lauded ExxonMobil for sponsoring the tournament, which has become a marquee event in Linden.

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