MVP Sports Girls’ U-11 winner to be crowned today


As the Petra Organisation gears up to pull the curtains down on the 2023 MVP Sports Girls’ Under-11 football tournament, the two teams engaged in a face-off exercise on Friday at the sponsor’s Giftland Mall establishment.

The final, set for Saturday from 15:00h at the Ministry of Education ground on Carifesta Avenue, promises an exhilarating showdown not just between two talented teams, but between two remarkable captains.

The leadership prowess of Shemia Hingh of St. John the Baptist Primary and Skylar DeNobrega from Marian Academy has been the driving force behind their teams’ success.

Skylar, the spirited Marian Academy captain, leads her team with unwavering determination and a fiery passion for the sport. Her journey to the finals has been marked by stellar performances, comprising of back-to-back hat-tricks and important goals, showcasing her exceptional skill on the field.

With a remarkable ability to motivate her teammates and a strategic mind that anticipates the opponent’s moves, Skylar stands as the backbone of her side, inspiring confidence and unity among her peers.

The two captains with the championship trophy

On the other hand stands Shemia, the dynamic leader of the St. John the Baptist Primary (Bartica). Shemia’s leadership style is characterised by her composed demeanour and tactical astuteness.

Her journey to the final has been laden with remarkable displays of versatility and an innate ability to adapt to challenging situations on the field. Shemia’s calm yet commanding presence instills a sense of resilience and focus in her team, making her an indispensable figure in St. John’s quest for victory.

Ahead of the much-anticipated final showdown, both captains engaged in a face-off exercise, showcasing not just their technical abilities, but also their mental strength and strategic acumen.

As the face-off exercises unfolded, a small group of spectators witnessed a captivating display of skill and determination from both captains. Accompanied by a teacher and respective coaches, both captains were adamant of victory.

Marian’s captain Skylar said the plan to shut out the naysayers and win the championship: “I expect a very exciting match; we have been playing some really good football. Many of the fans have been betting against us, which turned out to be our main motivation.”

Shemia said: “I am pleased to have made it into the final; me and my team have been working extremely hard over the past few weeks. And I am confident my team will do well and hopefully we can take back the trophy to Bartica.”

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