‘Daring’ Jason Khan lived a life of service to Guyana


He was called a daredevil but that name was just a reflection of how competent and highly-skilled Warrant Officer Class II, Jason Khan was.

Khan was one of five soldiers who perished on the line of duty while on a recent border mission and on Friday, he was the last of the soldiers to be laid to rest.

During a moving funeral service at the Promenade Gardens, Georgetown, he was remembered for his bravery, skill, dedication and service to Guyana.

“I know he lived a life of service and dedication to what he loves doing best. He lived a life to serve and he gave all to all his country of birth.

“My soldier, my son, your work on earth is done… and in your momma’s heart you will always rest,” Bernadette Bovell Khan, Jason’s mother said.

She was the one who described him as a “little daredevil” but that wasn’t because he was reckless, it was because he was brave. Probably braver than most people.

That bravery wasn’t lost on President Dr. Irfaan Ali, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. The President described him as daring and very talented.

“He was the Guyanese version of Rambo… so young and full of potential.

“… Time and time again, Jason Khan proved that when it came to military training he was sublime,” President Ali said.

Khan, 36, was a member of the Special Forces and was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer Class II posthumously. Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Brigadier Omar Khan said this promotion was warranted since the young Khan died on the frontline “doing what he was trained to do.”

The Brigadier also related that Khan was also involved in numerous training activities ranging from journalism to economics. That made him a competent all-rounder, eager to learn much more.

After the funeral at the Promenade Gardens, the Warrant Officer was taken to the Memorial Gardens Crematorium for a military parade, a gun salute and his cremation.

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