Hero’s Farewell: Brigadier (Ret’d) Gary Beaton devoted his life to service


Brigadier (Ret’d) Gary Beaton who devoted his life to serving the nation was on Friday given a farewell fitting for a soldier of his caliber.

Commander-in-Chief, President Dr Irfaan Ali, during the funeral service, regarded him as a national hero and noble serviceman who was devoted to ensuring the safety of Guyana and the development of its landscape.

The Brigadier served in the army for over three decades but his expertise and contributions to the nation went far beyond military duties.

He died alongside four servicemen regarded too as national heroes, when tragedy struck the Bell 412 helicopter during a border mission last week. At his funeral service at the Promenade Gardens, Beaton was remembered for his significant contributions to development in the hinterland.

President Ali said the army man was resilient in his pursuit of projects and deemed no task unachievable.

“He did not allow any circumstance to dictate his behaviour, his attitude or his service.

“He rose above every single challenge and that is worth celebrating. That is an example of how we should conduct ourselves,” the President said.

Beaton was always willing to share his expertise within his line of service and he was greatly loved because of his humble personality.

He joined the military on September 1, 1985 but due to his aspirations, he later became a civil engineer and used his acquired knowledge for his country.

He served as Chairman of the Sea Defence Board for three years and provided critical technical and supervisory support to the development of hinterland communities, which included the infrastructure work at airstrips and bridges at hinterland communities.

Beaton was spearheading works at the Kaieteur and Eteringbang airstrip when he died.

Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill, in a tribute to Beaton, said he was a man of discipline and he will be greatly remembered for his contributions.

“He motivated his colleagues with fervent passion and hands on and was thorough in the execution of their responsibilities.

“The ministry is truly grateful for Brigadier Beaton’s stellar contributions to development in the infrastructure sector,” Minister Edghill said.

Chief of Staff, Brigadier Omar Khan said Beaton served even after retiring because dedication to his country was his greatest desire.

“Throughout his career Brigadier Beaton scaled the ranks with his determination earning the respect and admiration of all who served alongside him from the early days as platoon commander to the pivotal role of operations officer and later as an intelligence officer, he consistently demonstrated and exceptional grasp of military strategy and an unyielding commitment to safeguarding our nation’s security,” the Chief of Staff said.

He was honoured with several prestigious awards: the Border Defence Medal, Military Efficiency Medal, and Military Service Medal, for his endurance and service to the armed forces.

These were symbols of his tireless devotion and development within the armed forces.

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