Damages at Mackenzie/ Wismar Bridge: Edghill promises help to affected drivers 


Rehabilitation works are being done at the Mackenzie/ Wismar Bridge in Region 10 (Upper Demerara- Berbice) but some drivers have complained that the incomplete works caused some damage to their vehicles.

In a midday address broadcast live on his Facebook page, Public Works Minister Juan Edghill announced that he promised help to those affected drivers during an engagement with them earlier Monday.

“We’re going to work with you to make sure we get these matters corrected at soonest.

“For the rest of the people, please proceed cautiously,” Edghill said.

Earlier in the day, taxi drivers complained via social media that their cars were damaged by protrusions on the bridge. Edghill said the names and car registration numbers of the persons affected were documents and by Thursday morning, those individuals will be engaged on what support they will be given.

Additionally, rehabilitation works on the bridge will continue Monday night and early Tuesday morning. These works are being conducted by the Linden Mining Enterprise (LINMINE).

Last Friday, the contract for a new Mackenzie/ Wismar bridge was signed.

The new bridge will replace the current, decades-old structure that was initially built to help transport bauxite ores.

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