63 women receive gas stoves, sewing machines to start up business


Sixty-three women are now in the position to become entrepreneurs or perfect their craft with support from the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security.

The women received sewing machines, gas stoves, and accredited certificates for their participation in the ministry’s – Women Innovation and Investment Network (WIIN) culinary and garment construction courses on Monday.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud

The distribution exercise is the collaborative effort of the ministry and the UN Women geared towards women’s empowerment through financial stability.

The Department of Public Information (DPI)spoke with Mamte Kissoon who shared her story on how the WIIN programme transformed her life and expressed her passion for garment construction.

“I never had anyone to teach me. I could do the alterations better than before so it worked out great for me. I was unemployed before and due to the WIIN programme, it developed me more and by being given a machine it helped me,” an elated Kissoon explained.

Another recipient, Denise Quinton said the WIIN initiative by the government is “empowering women to be constructive to help themselves.”

Additionally, Trudy Agrippa revealed that the WIIN programme is transformative as “You learn a lot, you interact with people, you interact with even minister at times. So, with something like that, it would just bring out the best in you. You also have the opportunity to do business too.

Meanwhile, Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud explained that the programme was created to allow women to move from dependent to independent.

“It is my personal wish that we have many more women as entrepreneurs. Many more women having the opportunity to gain employment and to enjoy equal pay and for many women to understand that there is an opportunity for upward mobility and or growth,” Dr Persaud stated.

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    awesome.congratulations minister and best wishes and success for 2024

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