Farmer injured by shotgun pellet during hunting trip


Police are investigating a shooting incident which resulted in the injury of Jeroam Tony, a 35-year-old farmer of Phillipai Village which occurred on January 14, at Phillipai Village, Upper Mazaruni, Region #7.

Police Headquarters reported that Darrick George, a 35-year-old farmer of the same village is a licensed firearm holder of a 20-gauge shotgun; on the day in question, he and Tony set off to hunt on his farm.

During the hunting trip, George said he observed a team of wild hogs and discharged several shots in their direction which caused a pellet to ricochet and hit Tony to his upper left chest.

According to the Police, Tony went home and applied homemade remedies but on Tuesday, he complained of feeling pain in the area and he started to vomit blood.

As such, he visited the Phillipai Health Post where he was referred to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

At about 16:00 hrs on Tuesday, Tony left Phillipai en-route to the GPHC via private chartered aircraft.

Meanwhile, George was escorted to Kamarang Police Station by the village Toshao. The investigation is ongoing.

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