Suspected counterfeit money found during roadblock at Mahaica


Police are searching for a male who managed to escape after he was found to have over $280,000 in counterfeit money on Tuesday at Mahaica, East Coast Demerara.

A Police press release revealed that ranks were conducting a roadblock on the Helena Public Road at Mahaica when they observed motorcar PAB 5372 driving suspiciously.

A Police Corporal pursued the car which was stopped and escorted to the roadblock. A search was then conducted on the vehicle and a male passenger (age, correct name, and occupation unknown at this time), was the lone occupant seated in the front passenger seat.

According to the Police, he was asked to declare the property he had in his pocket and he took out a quantity of Guyana currency comprising five-thousand-dollar bills.

While the ranks were examining the money, the man made a sudden run into a nearby street and made good his escape. The ranks gave chase but he managed to escape.

The driver of the vehicle, Shiv Dalchand, a 31-year-old taxi driver from Enmore, East Coast Demerara, was searched but nothing of evidential value was found. He was arrested and placed in custody pending investigations, and the car was lodged.

The suspected forged currency was counted and amounted to $280,000 in $5000 notes. There were also $13,000 cash (Guyana Currency) which were of $1000, $500, $100, and $20 notes.

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