Guyana Golf Association welcomes Budget 2024


Press Release from Guyana Golf Association

With Guyana’s economy on the rise, it is only natural and expected that our government expenditure should also increase and the government must be commended for the bold increase, especially in key areas such as education, sport, infrastructure and social services.

“We have turned the corner and are now expected to perform and deliver standards that are much higher and as a result, will require a larger national budget,” said GGA President Aleem Hussain.

“If enough isn’t spent, we cannot give our people the resources and means necessary to excel so we commend the government for taking on the challenge head on.

“Minister of Sports Honourable Charles Ramson is in the unenviable position of having to develop and support every sport in the country and somehow manages to stretch his budget to accomplish an immense task but sport associations can and must help.”

Hussain suggested that sport associations should be using contributions from the Ministry of Sport to build repeat revenue streams rather than simply spend on expenses so that they can become less dependent in the years ahead.

This will allow the Ministry to allocate greater support to non-traditional sports and widen the range of sport disciplines.

With greater international focus on Guyana due to its oil and gas industry, the emphasis must shift to creating and producing word class events which, when broadcasted worldwide, will create both revenue and the opportunity to showcase Guyana’s tourism, business and investment potential at a minimal cost.

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