Fisherman reportedly drowns at Berbice canal


Police are investigating the death of Tilach Nateram called ‘Boy’ or ‘Rice’, a 42-year-old fisherman of No. 4 Settlement, Blairmont Village, West Bank Berbice.

Police Headquarters on Saturday said that the man’s body was found floating face down in a canal in the area at about 23:45 hrs Friday.

Police said Nateram was an alcoholic and suffered from Epilepsy. He was last seen alive in the village at about 17:30 hrs consuming alcohol. At about 23:45 hrs, Erol Collins, a 57-year-old sluice attendant, was contacted by Dichand Balgobin, a 45-year-old fisherman who told him that he found the motionless body of Nateram in the canal, near the sluice where Collins work.

“The body was taken out of the canal and examined by the ranks but no marks of violence were seen. The body was clad in short red pants,” the Police reported.

Persons in the area were questioned and information received that Nateram would usually set seine in the said canal.

The body was escorted to the Fort Wellington Public Hospital where it was certified dead by Dr. Fernandes. It was then escorted to Bailey Funeral Parlour, awaiting a post-mortem examination. Investigations are ongoing.

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