18-Y-O among two arrested in Belle West Police raid


Serena Wilson, 18 and Romaul Armstrong, 20, construction worker, both of Belle West, Canal #2, West Bank Demerara, were on Sunday arrested by ranks of the Police Force after 1,133 grammes of marijuana were found in their possession.

Police Headquarters on Sunday said the raid was conducted between 07:30 hrs and 09:15 hrs by ranks from the Leonora Police Station, dressed in plain clothing, who acted on information received and went to the address.

The marijuana in parcels that were found in a barrel near the duo’s home. (Photo: Guyana Police Force)

The ranks then requested to carry out a search of their person and premises for anything illegal (guns, drugs and ammunition), to which they both agreed, a press release noted.

The ranks did not find any illegal items on the two persons but after further observation of a bushy area to the southern side of the premises, the police found a blue barrel with a black cover in the bushes.

Further inspection led to the discovery of several black transparent plastic bags with a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis.

Police escorted the pair along with the barrel to the Leonora Police Station, where the narcotic was weighed and amounted to 1133.4 grammes.

The two persons denied knowledge of the drugs; they remain in police custody as the investigations continue.

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