Breeding bull, black giant chickens for Victoria Village residents


President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali hosted yet another community meeting on Wednesday along the East Coast corridor, residents of Victoria Village were told that the community will not be left behind as residents too will benefit from projects to enhance development.

Residents raised various issues during the community meeting Wednesday night in the community. In response to the issues, President Ali said that infrastructural works will be undertaken and completed on Victoria Community Centre Ground before the end of the year.

A breeding bull will be made available to the community on Thursday. Small-scale farmers will benefit from the distribution of black giant chickens to scale up egg production there.

Dr Ali disclosed that the Ministry of Agriculture will host a meeting in Victoria. Farming inputs and equipment will be distributed to the two farming groups which include tillers and sprayers, among others.

The street where Northbrook Nursery School is located will be enhanced. A team from the Ministry of Education will visit Victoria Primary School to address overcrowding.

Residents of Victoria Village, ECD during a meeting with President Dr Irfaan Ali (Photo: Office of the President/January 31, 2024)

Qualified engineers who are seeking employment were told to submit their names to be provided with jobs. Meanwhile, the play field in Belfield community will also undergo infrastructural work instantaneously.

The head of state added, “We want to empower communities to get proper recreational facilities.”

In two weeks, Dr Ali disclosed, “I will send one of the ministers… with all of these projects, they will have a meeting with the community and they will tell you when the projects will start… and when the projects will come to an end.”

While noting that representatives from the community will work with the group, he added, “We will look at other persons in the communities to expand this group with work with the engineers and the agriculture department to implement everything that we have talked about.”

A national programme will be launched shortly for street lights to be installed in every community across Guyana between 2024 and 2025.

President Ali stated that the PPP/c government reintroduced the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant and implemented other measures to cushion the cost of living for Guyanese.

Young people have been empowered through many programmes. He also highlighted that tertiary education at the University of Guyana will be free next year.

“I have said that any Guyanese, regardless of where you are from, if you want to do nursing and you have the basic qualifications to go and register. We will pay for you to do nursing and we will give you a stipend while you are doing it. And I will employ you after you complete it. What more do we have to do to prove our worthiness to you?” he stressed.

The access bridge at Moravian Street was completed, while the farm-to-market road is almost completed. Residents were also informed that the roads at Belfield and West Sideline Dam at Victoria will be done when the four-lane highway is completed.

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