Human remains found near BOSAI compound


Investigators are probing the discovery of skeletal remains which were found near the BOSAI compound in Linden on Thursday.

Reports are that the discovery was made around 08:00 hrs by a 52-year-old employee of BOSAI.

The human remains were in a drain, which is situated at north-eastern side of BOSAI compound.

A few bones were missing from the lower limbs, the News Room was informed.

The News Room understands that the employee related to the police that he was on duty when he overheard some of his co-workers relating that one of their colleagues went to relieve himself in the bushes when he saw the skeletal remains.

Upon learning this, the man told the police that he started to enquire.

On Thursday morning, he contacted a contract worker who confirmed seeing the remains and later provided the location.

The police were summoned and the remains were taken to the Pensioner’s Funeral Home pending further investigation.

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