Doctrine Command Center for GDF soon, more focus on servicewomen


The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) is being restructured and reorganised for better output and in doing this, Chief of Staff Brigadier Omar Khan said emphasis is being placed on enhancing the army institutionally as well as its infrastructure.

And with new marine and air assets expected soon, Brigadier Khan said a new defence headquarters will be constructed this year while a doctrine command centre is expected to be on stream soon.

“Institutionally, the restructuring and reorganisation of the force to better realise a more meaningful defence output has commenced. These include the Air Corps and the Guyana National Reserve and the establishment of a National Defence Institute.

“The construction of a new defence headquarters building is expected to commence this year…Soon a doctrine command center will come on stream,” Brigadier Khan said.

He made the revelation as he was addressing the opening ceremony of the GDF Annual Officers Conference last week.

In the 2024 budget, a sum of $42.2 billion was allocated to the GDF.

The funds will be used to procure new assets for the army, including two aircraft, four helicopters and an offshore patrol vessel.

Brigadier Khan said other projects which will be executed this year include the expansion of the wharf at Coast Guard headquarters to facilitate and accommodate an increase of the marine time fleet.

Similarly, he said the aircraft hangar facility at Ogle will be renovated in time to house additional aircraft expected this year.

“Our force continues to have community engagement through infrastructure development in villages and also at the national level,” the Chief of Staff noted.

Noting that 40 per cent of the army senior command is made up of women, Brigadier Khan said the defence force’s human capacity is being boosted with increased emphasis on the servicewomen.

“We continue to focus on our servicewomen, creating equal opportunities…Within my senior command I have 40 percent made up of women,” he said.

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and President of Guyana, Dr Irfaan Ali last Thursday announced that there will be changes in the operation of the GDF in the coming weeks in order to meet the demands of the environment.

And in doing this, he said key focus will be placed on assets, technology and partnership, all areas in which significant investments are being made to boost capacity of the defence force.

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