Nexgen Golf, Hardware Depot sign multi-year golf promotion deal


Chairman of The Hardware Depot Bonny Singh and top executives of the Guyana Golf Association and Nexgen Golf met at the Academy on Woolford Avenue last weekend to enter into a major promotional agreement that will promote the development of golf around Guyana.

As a first gesture of its support, The Hardware Depot donated 1,000 golf balls, yardage markers for the Driving Range and committed to supporting the Region Three Easter celebrations at the Westside Golf Course in Vreed-en-Hoop, West Demerara.

Highlights of the partnership between the entities are branding of all facilities operated by Nexgen Golf and sponsorship of events for the development of the junior and beginner golf programme that is sweeping the nation.

“All my family have learnt to play golf as a result of the efforts by Mr. Aleem (Hussain) and the joy we experience is something that must be shared. The passion we have for our business mirrors what Aleem has for development of golf in Guyana and we will support him and his team,” Singh said.

The Hardware Depot is a fully authorised Grainger re-seller with over 20 years in business.

It is possibly the largest wholesaler of Industrial and Commercial Supplies with access to more than 120,000 range of products in Health and Safety equipment used in the electricity, water, telecommunications, mining, manufacturing, construction and oil and gas sectors.

The Guyana Golf Association, under the leadership of Aleem Hussain over the past two years, has grown the sport to include thousands of secondary school students, trainee teachers, members of the Guyana Defence Force and hundreds of first-time players.

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