Bullets for mother-in-law? Taxi Driver shot in second incident stemming from Phagwah Day disagreement


Rafael Hintzen, a 32-year-old taxi driver of East La Penitence, Georgetown, was injured in the wee hours of Wednesday in what is a second shooting incident stemming from Phagwah Day disagreements. Earlier in the night, in a separate incident, an 18-year-old construction worker was shot following an argument on Phagwah Day.

This incident involving Hintzen occurred around 00:10 hours in Campbell Street, Albouystown, Georgetown.

Investigations revealed that the taxi driver and one of the suspects are known to each other because they both share a relationship with two sisters.

 Information received from the 41-year-old mother-in-law of both men, Anastacia, is that on Phagwah Day, her nephew sprayed water from a ‘water gun’ on one of the suspect’s friends, which annoyed him

Subsequently, she and the suspect (son-in-law) were engaged in a heated argument when he threatened to ‘kill’ her.

At about 00:10 hrs Wednesday, Hintzen was in his car when the suspect and three other men, all armed with handguns,  came out from an alleyway opposite the yard and discharged several rounds in the Hintzen and his mother-in-law’s direction.

Hintzen exited his car and ran into the yard where his mother-in-law, realizing he was shot in the foot, tried to pull him up the step to get him into the house.

In the process of doing so, the woman said that she saw the suspect (her son-in-law) and his accomplices running through the front gate in her direction, firing several rounds at her. Anastacia claimed that she immediately left the victim at the bottom of the stairway, ran upstairs, and closed the door.

The woman told Police that the suspect and his accomplices did not further injure the victim when they caught up with him.

She assumed that she was the intended target.

The suspects then ran to a waiting car and made their escape.

Hintzen was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation by a relative, where he was seen by a doctor, examined, admitted, and is receiving medical treatment. His condition is stable.


Detectives recovered several spent shells and warheads at the scene. Several persons were questioned, and useful information was obtained. Police are looking for the suspects as investigations continue.

  1. Terr says

    Hahaha this is funny these people as usual are who they are “fools”. When you do not have a culture religion and do not know your heritage you gravitate to other culturse without knowing anything about it They become destructive and hateful simple, now they will blame Phagwah for what happened .The APNU /AFC scums will now call for the gov to ban Phagwah celebrations hahahah you cant make these things up. It who these people are ..HAHHAHA

  2. habeeb says

    Please, time to drop the name- PHAGWAH- the Guyanese been using since who knows when. Change it to
    the one used universally- HOLI , as in the motherland and their diaspora.
    “Wet and Wild” Day is not for everyone as this article reflected.

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