Murder at Kurupukari: Businessman’s butchered body found outside shop   


Businessman Johnny Ragubeer, whose age and address are currently unknown, was found dead on Tuesday outside a shop he operated at 33 Miles, Kurupukari, Upper Demerara River.

He sold groceries and alcoholic beverages.

According to a report from Police Headquarters, Sukharona Roopnarine, a 25-year-old businesswoman, operates a cook shop nearby, provided what could be valuable leads in what is now a murder investigation.

According to Roopnarine, at about 17:30 hrs on Monday, after she had closed her business, she and her two sons, ages 7 and 8, visited Ragubeer. On her arrival at the shop, she met Ragubeer and a 25-year-old Labourer drinking Guinness, XL and rum. She sat with them, and they all imbibed.

At about 18:00hrs, the Labourer left to go back to his camp. At about 21:30 hrs, Roopnarine and her two children left to go to her shop and Ragubeer accompanied them, after which he returned to his shop.

The man’s body was found lying about fifty feet from his shop at about 12:30 hrs on Tuesday by a gold miner and two friends who were travelling to Brazil and stopped by the shop while on their way.

The Goldminer reported the discovery of the body to Police at Mabura.

On arrival at the scene, Police saw a wound on the man’s throat, a cut to his left ear and bruises to his upper back. What appeared to be ‘dried’ blood stains were seen on the ground next to the body.

There was also a black plastic bag next to the body, which contained leaves,  seeds, and stems suspected to be Cannabis. A cellphone was found in the shop, suspected to be that of the now-deceased man.

The entire scene was processed by detectives and photographed. The body was later escorted to the Linden Hospital Complex.

Police took statements and have since arrested the 25-year-old Labourer to assist with the investigations. The suspected Cannabis found at the scene was weighed, and it amounted to 103.6 grams. The cellphone was also lodged for analysis.

Further investigations are in progress.

  1. habeeb says

    Sukharona, 25 y.o. businesswoman, 2 children 7 & 8, visited the businessman after closing her shop 5:30pm.
    Met businessman and laborer already consuming alcohol.
    Laborer left at 6:00 pm to go home.
    Sukharona and businessman left at 9:30pm for her home.
    How far away was her home ?
    Businessman “returned” home ? No. He was found dead 50 feet away from home.
    Set Up ? Hanky Panky going on ?

  2. Derk says

    That interior is becoming a ‘dangerous’ place for to live and work as the statistics has been showing!

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