Major upgrades for Rosignol Wharf as President Ali engages fisherfolk


President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali on Wednesday met with fisherfolk at Rosignol, Mahaica-Berbice (Region Five) to address pressing issues they are facing.

During the meeting, President Ali expressed the government’s commitment to alleviating challenges and enhancing opportunities for the fisherfolk, emphasising a collective approach to finding solutions.

Key concerns raised by the Rosignol Fishermen Cooperative Society included the urgent need for lighting at the Rosignol Wharf, an upgraded fuel storage tank, repairs to the storage facility and the construction of a shed to improve operational efficiency.

Fisherfolk highlighted the significant impact of losing catches, with only one-third of the year yielding profitable results.

Additionally, concerns were raised regarding access to financing from the banking institutions.

In response to these concerns, President Ali announced that the infrastructure improvements will be prioritised to ensure fisherfolk have a safe and comfortable working environment.

“We want to help you, making things easier for you, making this environment better and see ways in which we can work in a collective way to give you better opportunities. That is what we that is what we want to concentrate on,” he told the Fisherfolks.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali and Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha at the Rosignol Wharf
President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali inspecting the Rosignol Wharf facility

The president committed to installing lights, ramps, enhanced storage facilities, and washroom facilities to in the area. Construction of the wharf facility is already underway.

Additionally, he announced that the Ministry of Finance will organise a meeting with fisherfolk nationwide and the banking institutions to address access to financing.

Furthermore, plans are underway to integrate approximately 300 fisherfolk into the swamp shrimp project, diversifying income streams and bolstering the industry’s sustainability.

The president urged the fisherfolk to take advantage of measures implemented to support the industry. He mentioned the provision of duty-free incentives for outboard engines below 75 horsepower.

Moreover, President Ali addressed broader community welfare issues, including alcoholism, gambling, substance abuse, and mental health concerns.

One of the fishermen raising a concern

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, his office will organise educational sessions and provide support services, emphasising the crucial involvement of community leaders in addressing these challenges.

President Ali reaffirmed his administration’s unwavering commitment to grassroots engagement and community-driven development.

He was accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha and technical officers from the various ministries. [DPI]

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