Local firm brings Wall Street to Guyana


See below the full statement:

ACE Consulting Group (ACE) – a premier strategic advisory and local consulting firm – is partnering with ACG Analytics to bring a prominent group of experienced international investors from Washington DC, New York, and London to explore Guyana’s growing market. ACG Analytics is a distinguished policy advisory firm in Washington DC and is renowned for its expertise in advising asset managers primarily located in New York City, Miami, and London.

ACG Analytics’ Chris Czerwinski, Director of Macro Policy, who will be accompanying the group, underscored the market interest in Guyana, stating, “In my years working with investment funds in macro, special situations, and event-driven strategies, I have rarely seen so much across-the-board interest in a single market and a government so committed to the responsible and conscientious development of its transformative energy discovery. We are excited to see first-hand all of the good things that are happening in Guyana.”

The delegation traveling to Guyana represents hedge funds with collective assets under management of approximately two hundred billion (US $200B) to meet with policymakers and business leaders on the rapidly changing investment landscape. Dr. Rosh Khan, President of ACE Consulting Group, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “This trip is a milestone in Guyana’s journey towards sustainable economic development. It’s no secret that the world’s eyes are on Guyana, including Wall Street. We’re excited to facilitate this high-level delegation and explore various avenues for critical investments in Guyana.”

The ACE Consulting Group-ACG Analytics partnership highlights that Guyana’s market is ready for some of the world’s most influential investors. There is a broad consensus from the delegation that now is the time to explore Guyana’s landscape. Vice President of ACE Consulting Group, Wazim Mowla, who runs the Group’s Washington DC operations, notes that “the trip shows that the attention of experienced investors has moved from “interest” to “action” when looking at the country’s market.

There’s a steady pipeline of project opportunities in Guyana and we hope that the group joining us in Guyana is one of many.” ACE Consulting Group and ACG Analytics are orchestrating a series of high-level meetings with key stakeholders across various sectors in Guyana. Leveraging ACE’s extensive network and deep-rooted expertise, the partnership is convening meaningful dialogues that address critical issues and explore untapped opportunities for growth and development.

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