Gov’t exploring ‘innovative’ ways to get more income in the pockets of workers-Pres. Ali


To improve and transform the lives of every citizen, especially the working class, President Dr Irfaan Ali said that the government is currently examining more “innovative” ways in which more income can be placed in the pockets of workers.

This, he said, is being done while adjustments are being made to the salaries of workers.

“I believe that we have to find more innovative ways of ensuring more disposable income is in the pockets of all our workers in the public and private sector.

“And as I speak to you, the government I lead is examining those innovative way to ensure that more money remains in the pocket of the workers, especially the working class,” President Ali said.

The Head of State was at the time addressing those gathered at a Labour Day brunch hosted on the lawns of State House in Georgetown on Wednesday.

President Dr Irfaan Ali on Wednesday hosted a Labour Day brunch on the lawns of State House (Photo: News Room: May 01,2024)

According to President Ali, as the country navigates this period of transformation, the most important aspect is to ensure that every section of the population can benefit from equitable development.

“In a targeted way, the vulnerable, the poor and oppressed, they must be elevated at a much faster pace so that we can achieve just and equitable development,” he said.

Looking to the future, Dr Ali said workers of the country will approach 2030 and beyond not only having the best welfare package in the Caribbean region but as the most “advanced, educated and skilled” population.

A section of the gathering at the Labour Day brunch hosted by President Dr Irfaan Ali at State House (Photo: News Room/ May 01,2024)

“Because the education revolution that we have started is not only to give those who could into university a chance but it’s to give those who never had the opportunity to get into secondary school a chance once again…So together all of us will progress,” he noted.

Further, in pointing out that more than 65,000 jobs were created within the past three and a half year, President Ali said to enhance the self-worth of the working class, the government will be incentivizing qualification.

“We want to ensure that you work and have the ability to earn in dignity and decency.

“In building, we want you to retire with dignify, descent pension…We want holistic living…Creating job, enhancing income…creating safe space in communities, addressing issues of mental health, advancing social service,” President Ali said.

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  1. Terr says

    These kind a people all over the world dem deh is the same shit nah want to work but dem want plenty money just like how dem a mek plenty picnee and nah know dem daddy an want others to take care a dem bastard kids.

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