Mechanic arrested after Police find toy gun, ammo in bedroom


A 29-year-old man was on Saturday arrested following the discovery of a toy gun and four rounds of ammunition in a bedroom of his Mon Repos Pasture, East Coast Demerara home.

Police Headquarters in a statement said that a party of Police led by an Assistant Superintendent of Police conducted the search between 16:30 hrs and 17:00 hrs.

The ranks found four suspected 12 gauge cartridges and a toy gun in a chest-of-drawer in a bedroom.

The suspect was cautioned and arrested.  He remains in custody.

The ammunition was marked, sealed, and lodged at the Police station.

  1. habeeb says

    Give the KID back his toy gun, if it was seized.
    Still has the ” child ” in him.

    1. Terr says

      Yep give him to protect himself from the cannibals who destroy the MonRepos market beat up and rob his people.

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