Prison Service gets 16 new officers


See below full statement from the Guyana Prison Service (GPS):

The Guyana Prison Service (GPS) can now add 16 new officers to its roster after they completed a three-month Basic Recruit Training Course (BRTC) at the Prison Training Centre at Mazaruni.

The recruits, 11 males and five females, obtained training in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the job such as basic prison lectures, impromptu speech delivery, armed and unarmed combat, human rights education, family life training and English.

At the graduation ceremony held on Wednesday, Officer-in-Charge of the Mazaruni Prison, Carlton Cameron, welcomed the new officers to the prison service.

He told them that the prison environment is very complex and multi-dimensional and ranks are expected to execute their tasks in a very effective manner.

Director of Prisons (ag) Nicklon Elliot indicated that staffing plays a critical role in the daily management of prisoners.

“It is important that new staff become aware of rule and regulations and basic prison management practices before they are posted to the various prison, this will assist them in the way they operate”, Elliot said.

Additionally, Deputy Director of Prisons (ag) and Head of the Staff Training Department, Kevin Pilgrim indicated that the work of a prison officer is demanding and involves working with men and women who have been deprived of their liberty, many of whom are likely suffering from addictions, have poor social and educational skills and came from marginalized groups in society.

Hence, he said the training of the new officers is important in order for them to understand their role and function.

In dealing with different groups of inmates, Pilgrim explained that there is a need for the prison officers to be patient and treat the inmates kindly as per international protocols and standards.

Nikita Abrams emerged as the best graduating recruit.

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