Construction worker dies after crashing into donkey


A 24-year-old construction worker from Gangram, East Canje Berbice is dead following an accident on the Betsy Ground, East Canje Berbice public road.

Dead is Kumar Atmaram called ‘Shawn’.

News Room spoke to the grieving mother of the dead man at her home on Monday. She related that her son had just left a tire shop in Canje when the accident occurred.

The dead man’s mother, Pamela Partab

Pamela Partab, 52, of Adelphi Village disclosed that the accident occurred around 21:30 hrs Sunday. Her son was heading home on his motorcycle when he crashed into a donkey that reportedly ran across the public road.

“He died on the spot, he neck bruck right away, dem seh he neck bruck right away…when the donkey run out he knock the donkey…” the grieving mother stated.

He was picked up and taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was pronounced dead. His body is awaiting a post-mortem examination.

  1. habeeb says

    Animals don’t run across road at night (21:30), they stay put because of the vehicle lights.
    Speeding may have been the cause.
    Hope the donkey was not killed, I support animal rights.

  2. Derk says

    Habeeb while you support animal rights you are not a supporter of human rights, which is the right to ride on a safe road . You are not factual since you are not sure if the rider was speeding but still is alluding that the young man was and the cause of the accident and his his death.
    You showed no remorse for the loss of a precious human life so how can you support the rights of animals?
    You and have relatives,children and friends ! Get a grip.

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