Doctor struck from register, another suspended for malpractice – Medical Council


Dr Anil Solomon has been removed from the register of medical practitioners in Guyana, The Medical Council of Guyana (MCG) announced on Friday in a notice published in the Stabroek News.

According to the notice, Dr. Solomon is guilty of professional misconduct and malpractice.

According to the notice, issued in accordance with Section 17 (3) ( c) of the Medical Practitioners Act, Solomon is not permitted to practice medicine in any capacity in Guyana.

Meanwhile, Dr Abdulla Amin was suspended for four months, also for malpractice. Dr Amin is not permitted to practice medicine between May 6 and September 6 2024.

In a facebook post, attorney Kamal Ramkarran said: “It is the first time in more than 15 years that a doctor has been removed from the Register of Medical Practitioners for something done in medical practice and another suspended for such a long period.

“It happened because of the dedication and commitment of doctors elected to the Medical Council by their peers and because of effective and appropriate Regulations passed by the Government after representations made by the Council and input provided by it.”

He hopes that one day this can also occur in the legal profession.

  1. habeeb says

    Then, were they “bush” or “quack” doctors ?
    Practicing without license ?
    Is there recourse by the victims of both these men ?

  2. Derk says

    This development is in keeping with best practices around the world .The time has long gone when certain professionals behave as if they are immune from these actions.
    These professional are accountable for their actions to the public,themselves and their professional body the GMC.

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