Police say Agricola man who resisted arrest shot and injured; firearm seized


A 31-year-old man was shot and injured during a Police operation in Agricola, East Bank Demerara on Saturday night.

Police said he resisted arrest for allegedly having an illegal firearm in his possession.

Another man, who joined him to attack the ranks with a cutlass, was also wounded.

The men, who were not identified, were shot to their knee and ankle, respectively,  around 22:00hrs at Brutus Street, Agricola, EBD.

Police Headquarters in a statement said ranks, acting on information received, ventured to Agricola.

Upon their arrival, the 31-year-old man was sitting in front of his premises. He was accompanied by a group of other men.

According to the Police report, the ranks approached the suspect and informed him that they were in receipt of information that he had an illegal firearm in his possession. So, they requested to carry out a search on his possession.

The suspect refused and Police said he began to behave in a hostile manner.

At this point, Police added that the ranks attempted to search the suspect but he managed to reach to his pants croth, pulled out a 9MM pistol which he pointed to the ranks.

In retaliation, one of the ranks discharged a round in the suspect’s direction using his service pistol. The suspect was struck in his knee and he fell to the ground.

The firearm fell next to the suspect and the ranks took possession of same.

Police said the ranks then tried to place the suspect in the Police vehicle to take him for medical attention.

However, by that time a large crowd had gathered and started to behave hostile towards the Police.

“People in the crowd managed to take the 31-year-old resident away from the ranks, placed him in a white Axio motor car bearing registration number PAD 7596, and attempted to escape the scene,” the statement said.

At this point, the ranks called for assistance and a team from the Tactical Services Unit responded and attempted to apprehend the 31-year-old Agricola man.

It was at this time that the other injured man intervened and was wounded.

“At this point, a male who was among the hostile crowd, armed with a cutlass, rushed towards one of the Police Officers and attempted to chop him. The officer discharged a round in his direction, which hit him on his left ankle,” Police Headquarters explained.

The two injured men were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where they are currently hospitalised under police guard.

Investigators have since processed the firearm, which contained 12 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

Investigations are ongoing.

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