New processing facility for Bonasika Creek farmers


President Dr. Irfaan Ali on Tuesday announced that a new processing facility will be developed at Bonasika Creek, Region Three (Essequibo Islands- West Demerara) so that farmers can tap into a more lucrative market.

While engaging residents and farmers on Tuesday, the Guyanese Head of State acknowledged the increased food production in the community. And he believes that greater food production must be supported by processing facilities.

“We are going to build, in this area, a processing facility so we can take the fresh ginger, dry it and crush it so we can extend the storage time from weeks to months and access higher value markets with the ginger,” President Ali announced to rousing applause.

Already, Dr. Ali said 50 tonnes of bananas, 200 pounds of pumpkin and 120 tonnes of cassava and other provisions have been grown this year so far. He also said about 240,000 pounds of ginger have been produced.

But the President, who has the lead responsibility for food security within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), said much more food should be produced to satisfy the region’s demands.

The President also announced that the regional ferry service, which is a venture among Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago, will operate out of Parika. That means Bonasika Creek farmers will be able to export their produce much easier.

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