Handyman, 74, found dead at Byderabo


Hannif Khan, a 74-year-old handyman of Byderabo Road, Bartica, Region Seven (Cuyuni- Mazaruni) was found dead on Saturday.

Police Headquarters reported that the man died sometime between 10:00hrs and 12:10 hrs Saturday.

Khan reportedly lived alone at Byderabo Road and suffered from a lung infection and hypertension. He was a regular patient at the Bartica Regional Hospital.

On Saturday, a 16-year-old of Byderabo, who was on his way home, saw the Khan laying in front of his home motionless with blood oozing from his nostrils.

A report was made, and Police responded. Upon arrival, the ranks found the motionless body of the deceased bare footed clad in a brown shirt and blue pants.

The ranks examined Khan’s body and found blood oozing from his nostrils. The body bore no marks of violence and was placed into a vehicle and escorted to Bartica Regional Hospital where a doctor pronounced him dead.

The body was placed in the hospital’s mortuary for storage to be transported to Georgetown for post-mortem examination. Investigations are in progress.

  1. Patricia Pierre says

    How sad. My sympathy goes out to Mr. Khan’s famiky

  2. Derk says

    Very sad indeed!

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