President backs massive honey production in communities along Demerara River 


The production of honey and honey products could be big business for hundreds of residents who live in the communities along the Demerara River, according to President Dr. Irfaan Ali.

The Guyanese Head of State visited several of the riverain communities at the weekend. In Sussanah’s Rust, he pointed out that there are “thousands of acres of land” not yet used for productive ventures, like agriculture.

As such, he said, the government is willing to support economic ventures, particularly agricultural production.

“We want this entire Demerara River to get into honey production… not only for the honey (but for) the wax to make the soap, the candles.

“These are high value things and things that we can consume in the local market,” President Ali said.

And he told the residents that the government is willing to provide the necessary training so residents can get into honey production. The government, he added, would also provide the protective gears and hives once residents are serious about this venture.

In Sussanah’s Rust too, he said all the women in the more than 40 households can get involved in farming through shade houses with the government ready to provide the roofing and mesh for those structures. He suggested that these women get involved in hot pepper production as there is at least one distributor the government is engaging who is willing to take all the supplies.

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