EPA warns of haze in Georgetown area


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hereby notifies the public that there is a development of a visible haze in the Georgetown area. The EPA’s air quality sensors in Eccles and central Georgetown have detected air quality in the ‘moderate’ range’, which is above the WHO Guidelines for good air quality. This is mainly due to an increase in particulate matter in the atmosphere and high humidity. Air quality may also be affected by the Saharan dust according to the following website: https://www.myfoxhurricane.com/saharan_dust_car.html

The EPA encourages members of the public to take precautionary measures to protect their health by limiting the time spent outdoors and to wear dust masks as practicable.

The EPA will notify the public when the air quality returns to normal and within parameter ranges. For a near real-time update on the Air Quality Index near you, visit the EPA website: https://epaguyana.org and select the ‘Your Environment’ tab and then click ‘Air Quality Data’.

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