Flooding in North Rupununi, South Pakaraimas disrupts traffic between Georgetown and Lethem


The Guyana Police Force announced Thursday that traffic between Georgetown and Lethem will be affected due to severe flooding in the North Rupununi and South Pakaraimas. The Brazilian Trucking Association has also been advised to halt all truck movements on the trail, the Police Force said.

Affected Areas:

North Rupununi:

  1. The approach at the third concrete bridge from Kurupukari crossing, located between Kurupukari and Corkwood, has been washed away. The gap is about 20 feet wide and 6 feet deep, with rapidly streaming water. A motor lorry was trapped, but no casualties were reported.
  2. The Surama village roadway at Sabba Strick is submerged, with water covering about 100 meters of the road to a depth of 18 inches. The road is accessible by tractors, and the water level is receding.

South Pakaraimas:

  1. The Yurora Bridge at Karasabai village is under five feet of water and is not accessible by vehicles.
  2. The Tigerpond access road bridge from Karasabai is submerged under three feet of water and is impassable for vehicles.
  3. Approximately five houses in Karasabai Village have been affected by flooding.

Road repairs commenced on Thursday on the section of the trail that was washed away. The progress of these repairs will depend on how quickly the water recedes and if the continuous rain stops.


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