Gov’t providing 10,000 plants to restart coffee production in Region One


There is a huge push to expand agricultural production in Region One (Barima- Waini) and President Dr. Irfaan Ali on Thursday said the government will provide 10,000 coffee plants and other seedlings to kickstart that expansion.

“We want to bring back coffee production in Region One and we’re investing in 10,000 plants to start back this production in Region One,” Dr. Ali told Waramuri residents.

President Dr. Irfaan Ali visited the communities of Batavia, Karrau and Daag Point to engage residents as part of an outreach to Region Seven (Photo: Office of the President/ May 9, 2024)

He said the government is keen on supporting the growth of Liberica and Arabica coffee in the region.

But coffee isn’t the only crop the government is interested in.

The President said too that coconut production will be significantly expanded. Some 20,000 high-value, high-yield Brazilian coconuts will be distributed across the region.

He also said breadfruit, cassava and citrus are among the other crops that are targeted for increased production in the region.

It is believed that these crops will satisfy local demand but the President said there is also scope to export produce directly from Region One to the Caribbean.


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