Six Cadet Officers get scholarships from El Dorado Offshore, Noble Corporation & MATPAL


El Dorado Offshore (EDO), Noble Corporation, and MATPAL have come together to provide a transformative opportunity for six outstanding Guyanese cadet officers. This new scholarship program offers full financial support for the six individuals to pursue their maritime qualifications, addressing the growing demand for skilled professionals in Guyana’s burgeoning maritime industry.

The initiative aims to bridge critical skill gaps in navigation, marine engineering, and offshore operations.

In a press release on Thursday, it was announced that the scholarship recipients, selected for their academic achievements and potential, will be able to pursue their maritime education without financial burdens.

Awardees with EDO, Noble and MATPAL Representatives

“This initiative reflects a shared commitment to capacity building within Guyana’s maritime industry,” Thalia Wilson, Senior Human Resource and Engagement Officer for El Dorado Offshore said.

“These scholarships empower the next generation of leaders to navigate the exciting opportunities that lie ahead,” she added.

The collaboration between EDO, Noble Corporation, and MATPAL is seen as a potential model for future partnerships aimed at fostering a robust talent pipeline within Guyana.

“Investing in education is an investment in the long-term success of Guyana’s maritime industry. Programs like this ensure a skilled workforce is available to capitalize on future growth opportunities,” Sarona Samaroo, Vice President of El Dorado Offshore stated.

El Dorado Offshore remains committed to capacity building and is eager to launch more initiatives that promote educational growth. The company encourages other organizations to join in this mission to unlock the transformative power of education for all.


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