Re-migrant electrocuted while tampering with GPL connection


Sixty-three-year-old re-migrant Shri Maan Somraj called “Loch” was electrocuted on Thursday as he tampered with a GPL meter from which he was accessing electricity illegally.

The incident occurred around 09:15hrs at Yakasari North, Black Bush Polder, Corentyne, Berbice.

Reports are that Somraj and his wife, Dhanmatee Deonarine called “Farosa”, remigrated to Guyana sometime in November 2023 from Trinidad.

Upon their arrival, they observed that the GPL meter connected to their home was falling off.

As such, they filed a report at GPL and sometime in March 2024, a staff carried out an inspection.

The staff informed the couple that the meter was tampered with and will be taken away.

And to resolve the issue, the couple were advised to visit GPL office.

According to the police, Deonarine claimed that $80,000 had to be paid to reconnect the electricity.

But the couple was unable to pay the money. So, Somraj made an illegal connection from a post next to his home.

Police said Somraj would connect the electricity every afternoon and disconnect same early every morning.

On the morning in question, Police said Deonarine said that Somraj told her that he would be disconnecting the electricity since GPL staff would be in the area.

Deonarine said she left home for an errands but later received a call informing her that Somraj was lying motionless in front their yard.

The police were informed. Somraj’s body was examined and it was observed that his hands were holding a wire to his chest. There were burn marks to his chest and abdomen.

Somraj was  taken to Mibicuri Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

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  1. habeeb says

    These are self made electricians.
    Many have paid dearly with their lives.
    Stealing does not pay.

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