Guyana issues statement on Biden’s proposed Israel/Hamas deal


See below full statement from the Government of Guyana:

The Government of Guyana has taken careful note of the proposed three-phase deal announced on 31 May 2024 by the President of the United States of America, H.E. President Joseph R. Biden, to bring Israel’s war on Gaza to an end.

We have noted that the proposal aligns in several ways with previous decisions taken by the United Nations Security Council and the General Assembly to end the war, and which Guyana supported.

These include an immediate and sustained ceasefire, the unconditional release of hostages, the rapid scaling up of humanitarian aid into Gaza and the importance of developing a robust reconstruction plan for Gaza.

Guyana reiterates that investments in the reconstruction plan would require strong security guarantees.

The Government of Guyana further underscores the importance of achieving a just and lasting solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict which has persisted for over seven decades.

The only viable solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is through the full implementation of the twostate solution with the creation of a free and independent State of Palestine based on the pre 1967 borders, living peacefully alongside the State of Israel.

Guyana urges the international community to redouble its efforts to this end, bringing an end to the decades of bloodshed and insecurity that have characterized the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

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  1. habeeb says

    Mr. Joe Biden is not addressed as H.E ( His Excellency).
    Nothing he says about the Gaza war carries weight despite the unconditional US support of Zionist Israel, the hardliners are not real jews, just zionists. They have already rejected Biden’s Palestinian deal to end the one sided war against freedom fighters of Gaza/West Bank. The genocide continues against Gaza civilians.

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