First Lady: Adaptability, diversity key to boost tourism


While eco-tourism remains the foundation of the overall tourism sector in Guyana, First Lady Mrs Arya Ali believes there is potential in other areas such as medical, sports and education tourism.

“By investing in these sectors, we not only elevate our nation’s profile but also create opportunities for learning, healing and recreation,” Mrs Ali said Saturday night at the Marriott Hotel in Georgetown as she addressed the awards dinner and auction of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG).

“These three non-traditional areas of tourism…provide a unique opportunity for building a resilient and more diversified tourism sector.

“These branches of tourism are not merely forms of leisure but strategic drivers of economic growth, cultural exchange and more broadly national development,” the First Lady said.

Mrs Ali told stakeholders that it is vital to recognise the importance of adaptability and diversity in order to seize new opportunities.

A section of the gathering at the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) awards dinner and auction (Photo: Office of the First Lady/June 02, 2024)

According to the First Lady, education tourism is a “burgeoning” industry which has exponential growth potential given the increasing demand for higher quality of education globally.

“The number of international students seeking study abroad opportunities is on the rise. Investments in education and training institutions, accommodation, and support services, allow you to capitalize on this growing market and secure substantial returns on those investments,” she said.

Similarly she pointed out that with the increasing popularity in sports events, the demand for sport-related travel experiences is on the rise.

Several individuals were awarded for their contribution in the tourism sector (Photo: Office of the First Lady/June 02, 2024)

“By investing in sports facilities, accommodations, and event management services, you can tap into this growing market and capitalize on the growing appetite for immersive sporting experiences,” Mrs Ali noted.

She said that medical tourism not only promised economic opportunities for the country but also addresses healthcare challenges.

“With easier access to resources, you are strategically and favourably positioned to harness the potential of medical tourism, responsibly,” she said.

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