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Analytical Technologies Limited is an environmental testing laboratory originally founded in 1996. The laboratory was first established in Trinidad and Tobago before setting up its local office in 2019 based on a need for expertise to service the local growing energy and industrial sectors in Guyana. As stakeholders join in the observance of World Environment Day, on Wednesday June 05, the laboratory proudly shares its story towards getting certified by the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS).

From its inception, Analytical Technologies has been committed to quality and accuracy of its test results and saw certification to the National Laboratory Standard – GYS 170:2021 General Requirements for the operation of a laboratory as crucial to these outcomes.  According to Lab’s Regional General Manager, Amrita Ballie, “we believe that this local certification with GNBS gives confidence to our local clients of the high standard of accuracy of our results.”

The Lab’s Certification audit was completed in November 2023 and the certificate was awarded to Analytical Technologies Limited in February 2024 by the GNBS.

When asked about the process leading to certification, Ms. Ballie lauded the GNBS for its support. She said: “the GNBS team was very thorough, and they invested a great deal of time to ensure that a detailed process was followed which included training and instruction in all aspects of the certification process.  The team was very facilitative and flexible to accommodate these events within our work schedules.”

Personnel of the Analytical Technologies Limited conducting testing in the laboratory
Analytical Technologies Ltd received their recertification in February 2024.

The Regional Lab Manager was also proud of the benefits accrued from certification. She stated that certification, apart from being a credential of the high level of quality and excellence of service, builds customer confidence in the results provided. It also augurs well for customer, providing them with opportunities to enter new markets through the demonstration that their products have been tested and are of quality.

Today, under its certified status, Analytical Technologies located at 843 Track ‘E’ Good Hope, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara (ECD), provides a broad spectrum of analytical testing services to meet the needs for petroleum testing, environmental and regulatory testing, microbiological testing of both potable and wastewater, food testing and trace metal analyses.  Additionally, the lab provides an array of agricultural sector-specific analyses including nutrient testing, elemental analyses, and pesticide testing.

Analytical Technologies Ltd. was recertified in February 2024 at the Energy Conference and Expo.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, the Laboratory acknowledges the importance of its role as a global corporate entity. Ms. Ballie advised that the laboratory has a greater responsibility to manage its footprint as it expands to new countries and regions. She added, “we must understand our role in assisting the preservation of the world’s environment through the crucial environmental services and monitoring which we perform and through our own corporate actions and initiatives.”

Even as it continues to provide crucial environmental testing, Analytical Technologies Limited will observe World Environment Day by focusing on raising awareness amongst its staff across all their locations on aspects of environmental sustainability.

The GNBS is appreciative of Analytical Technologies’ commitment to conformance to the requirements of the GYS 170 National Standard and for its role in testing and care for the environment. The Bureau encourages other testing and clinical laboratories to become nationally certified as well.

Certification ensures institutions conform to established procedures, based on the requirements of the National Standard and provides them with a benchmark for maintaining a recognised laboratory management system. This contributes to improving the services offered to clients, thereby increasing clientele.

For further information on the GNBS Laboratory Certification Programme and other services, contact the GNBS on telephone numbers: 219-0069, 219-0065, 219-0062 or visit the GNBS website:








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