Road deaths now at 97 for the year; Traffic Chief warns against callous use of roads


Ninety-seven people have been killed on the country’s roadways so far this year, compared to 95 for the year 2023 and the Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Mahendra Singh, is urging road users not to be callous in the way in which they use the roads.

Additionally, from January 1 to June 4, 2024, there have been 84 fatal accidents and incidents, compared to 78 during the same period in 2023.

“Some persons think that when they are crossing a major roadway or thoroughfare like it is someplace remote you could just walk across without the fear of anything coming to strike you,” Singh said in an interview with the Department of Public Information.

The Traffic Chief explained that some serious accidents were preventable and could have been avoided if people paid more attention to road safety, especially pedestrians.

Despite efforts from the traffic education department, including public engagements and community relations activities, people continue to use the road carelessly.

“We continue the enforcement of education. We continue to engage the Ministry of Public Works and every other stakeholder to ensure that as far as possible, road signage is supported by road marking and or lighting infrastructure, to generally enable the road-using population to use it with good visibility, proper surfaces and so on,” he said.

The Traffic Chief urged the public to be mindful of the development taking place in Guyana and the large volume of vehicles now on the roadways.

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  1. habeeb says

    From videos seen, majority of those vehicles traveling faster than the posted signs (km/h)
    Could they have been deliberately ignoring those metric signage as ( mph ) which is faster ?

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