CJIA restores runway lights for night flights


The Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) has reinstated one circuit of runway lights, allowing night flight operations. According to a press release, this update was shared with airlines through a Notice to Airmen (Notam).

Efforts continue to restore the second circuit, hampered by ongoing redirected flights. Since the thunderstorms and lightning on Sunday damaged the runway lights, the maintenance team and GPL personnel have replaced four cable sections and five transformers.

“As of now, the airport has accommodated ten flights, comprising a private aircraft, a cargo plane, and eight passenger flights,” the release noted.

The airport thanked airlines and passengers for their patience during this period.

“The airport maintenance crew, with assistance from GPL personnel, has been diligently replacing damaged runway cables and transformers. Some airlines are poised to resume night operations promptly.”

On Sunday afternoon, the Timehri area experienced intense rainfall with thunder and lightning which damaged several GPL and CJIA transformers.

As a result, the airport runway lighting became inoperable. The runway is equipped with two independent circuits, each of which can facilitate aircraft landings. Both the primary and alternate circuits were impacted.

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