Norton picks up most nominations, but six others to challenge him as leader


The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) will host its 22nd Biennial Delegates Congress at the end of June and the party’s current leader, Aubrey Norton, picked up the most nominations; however, six others were nominated to challenge him for the position of leader.

According to a PNCR statement, all 10 party regions submitted their nominations on Monday. A nomination day event was held at the party headquarters, Congress Place, in Sophia, Georgetown.

“The preliminary results put the Party Leader Norton at over 80% of nominations,” the statement read.

Representatives of Regions Two, Four and Five were among those who endorsed Norton publicly at Congress Place, entering the venue with placards and chants showing their support for him.

The PNCR statement did not mention the other persons nominated but in a LIVE broadcast later Monday afternoon, the results were revealed.

Norton secured 177 nominations; Amanza Walton- Desir, nine nominations; Roydale Forde, 20 nominations; Volda Lawrence, one nomination; Gary Best, two nominations; Carl Greenidge, four nominations; and Simona Broomes, two nominations.

Nomination Day is part of the election process to elect a new Party executive including Party Leader, Chairman, two Vice Chairpersons, Treasurer and the fifteen Central Executive Committee members.

Without being nominated, the statement noted, a member is ineligible to be elected at the election to be held during the Biennial Delegates Congress from June 28 to 30.

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