Championship-winning football captain and MVP gives back to Santa Rosa Secondary


By Azizi Christiani

Student footballers from Santa Rosa Secondary School recently received a generous contribution from one of their former colleagues.

Roy Vansluytman, the former MVP and captain who led the school to its maiden MILO U-18 school football championship in 2023, donated football cleats to three current students.

These students are now representing the school in the Exxon Mobil Under-14 Boys and Girls tournament, where both teams remain undefeated.

Vansluytman, renowned for his outstanding performance as a defender, scored an impressive nine goals during the 2023 MILO Under-18 championship, including two hat-tricks.

One of these hat-tricks was achieved against New Amsterdam, and the other in the thrilling final match against Chase’s Academic Foundation.

Additionally, Vansluytman showcased his skills in the Digicel tournament the same year, scoring another hat-trick against McKenzie High School, although Santa Rosa Secondary narrowly missed out on advancing past the semi-finals.

In an exclusive interview with News Room Sport, Vansluytman reflected on his time at Santa Rosa Secondary and his motivation behind the donation.

“As the former captain of the Under-18 football team at Santa Rosa Secondary, I experienced firsthand the impact that proper equipment can have on both performance and safety on the field. By donating football cleats, I hope to give current players the same opportunities and support I had, helping them to excel and enjoy the sport just as I did. It’s my way of giving back to a community and school that played a significant role in shaping who I am today,” he said.

Vansluytman’s donation not only provides essential equipment, but also serves as an inspiration to the young athletes of Santa Rosa Secondary.

His dedication to giving back underscores the strong sense of community and support that defines the school’s athletics programme.

As the Under-14 teams continue to make strides in the ExxonMobil tournament, they do so with the encouragement and support of a former champion who understands the importance of proper gear and mentorship in achieving success.


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