Fire Service EMTs deliver baby during ‘critical situation’


Within a month of launching Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Berbice, EMTs from the New Amsterdam Fire Station have delivered a healthy baby boy. The Guyana Fire Service in a release said the EMTs responded to a critical situation early Saturday morning involving the mother of the child, Michelle Moriah, 41.

According to the release, the woman was in active labour.

“At approximately 7:39 a.m. on June 8, the crew, consisting of EMTs T. Smartt, J. Haney, and driver R. Porter, successfully assisted in a delivery,” the Guyana Fire Service said.

This situation highlights the crucial role and readiness of the newly established EMS in Berbice, demonstrating their capability to handle urgent and complex medical emergencies. For emergency assistance, call 912. The EMS team is ready to help in any situation.

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  1. habeeb says

    Thank god she didn’t have to go to New Amsterdam hospital, the outcome might have been different.

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