South Dakota Circuit to undergo major transformation


Press Release by the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club

Over the next few months, significant infrastructure developments are set to take place at the South Dakota Circuit, aiming to elevate the venue to international standards.

This ambitious project includes the construction of a new international standard drag strip, enhanced spectator areas, and plans for a new pit lane and boxes.

GMRSC President Mahendra Boodhoo emphasized the importance of these upgrades, stating, “This work will push motorsports forward. We have seen the 1.6-mile circuit extension, and now we will focus on the drag strip and spectators’ seating areas.”

These enhancements are expected to significantly improve the experience for both drivers and fans, fostering a more competitive and enjoyable environment.

Construction of a new drag strip has commenced

The government has been instrumental in supporting these initiatives from the outset. In addition to the infrastructure at the circuit, the road leading to the circuit from the airport side is already being paved by the government, improving visitor accessibility.

Boodhoo expressed his gratitude for the ongoing governmental support and called on corporate Guyana to join in supporting the future of motorsports in the region.

“I would like to encourage corporate Guyana to come on board with motorsports. This is a new era for motorsports in the Caribbean,” he said.

As these developments unfold, the South Dakota Circuit is poised to become a premier destination for motorsports enthusiasts, promising exciting races and a world-class experience for all.

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