Special education curriculum training held for students with intellectual disabilities


Over the last two days, the Department of Education Georgetown hosted a Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Curriculum Training for Students with Moderate to Profound Intellectual Disabilities.

The Ministry of Education Guyana and the Ministry of Education, Youth Information Jamaica have collaborated to produce a curriculum that caters to the needs of learners with Special Education Needs and Disabilities.

Further, the curriculum covers the following subjects: Language and Communication, Skills for Life/ Life Skills, Mathematics, Physical Education, and Science.

At training, 76 teachers from SEND schools and SEND spaces across Georgetown, Region Three, and Four, were engaged in interactive sessions to familiarize themselves with the curriculum and instructional strategies that will help them effectively prepare lessons for students with moderate to profound intellectual disabilities.

Present at the session were Mr. Keon Cheong, Assistant Chief Education Officer – SEND, Mrs. Oma Ramdin, Director of the National Centre for Educational Resource Development , Ms. Nikoya Alleyne, Senior Education Officer – SEND, Mr. Gordon Roberts and Yolanda Trotman- Phillips, Education Officers SEND in Georgetown, Ms. Sharon Jethu, (SEND Officer Region Three) and Ms. Simone Abrams, (SEND Officer Region Four).

[Ministry of Education Press Release]

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