GYSBI to offer full educational scholarships to 10 Region Three students


Guyana Shore Base Inc. (GYSBI), the country’s premier onshore support facility servicing the oil and gas industry, is pleased to announce the expansion of its Technical Scholarship programme, which will be aimed at supporting educational opportunities for ten persons from Essequibo Islands- West Demerara (Region Three) at the Georgetown and Leonora Technical Institutes.

This initiative will cover expenses such as travelling, uniform, study materials, registration, and examination fees.

Executive Director of GYSBI, Robin Muneshwer in announcing the undertaking said that this initiative is specifically geared at students in Region Three since GYSBI though known for its shore base services, also specializes in construction and has been executing works over the past year at the proposed Gas to Energy site in Wales, West Bank Demerara.

The company was contracted by LINDSAYCA CH4, which the Government of Guyana hired for the construction of an integrated Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) extraction plant and the establishment of a 300 MW power generation facility, to execute Earth, Soil Remediation and Surcharge works at the project site.

As such, Muneshwer noted that the company wants to give back in a tangible way to the communities in that region.

“Before working with LINDSAYCA CH4, GYSBI was hired by ExxonMobil Guyana to carry out the Early Works and Heavy Haul Road project at the site. This encompassed the erection of five bridges, an access road, a heavy transport road, and the preliminary site groundwork for the Integrated Plant Site. Our presence in this region has been established over a short period of time, and we aim to make a significant impact. This will be achieved not only through our part in this transformative Gas to Energy project, but also by making investments especially in these students, who represent the future of this region,” he said.

The programme is designed to offer internships to successful applicants during their semester breaks so that they can gain valuable hands-on training and knowledge transfer. At the end of their studies, they will also be afforded the opportunity to be fully employed within the company.

In an invitation to comment, the General Manager of GYSBI, Robert Albiez said that the organization’s goal is to develop a programme that would be useful to young Guyanese and would ensure that they are constructively engaged and equipped with valuable life skills.

He noted that while the GYSBI scholarship was initially launched in 2023 and has a cohort of 11 students drawn from eight regions across Guyana, the company wanted to make a bigger impact and cover its expanded footprint in Region Three.

The GYSBI Scholarship stemmed from the realization that while many Guyanese possess the experience and technical skills needed to fill the positions on the Operations side of the oil and gas sector, they lacked the proper academic certificates. It therefore aims to build a cadre of qualified workers, supervisors and managers for the economy’s Oil and Gas, construction and other sectors.

As it relates to eligibility, anyone who is between the ages of 16 and 25, has been accepted for a programme at the Leonora or Georgetown Technical Institutes (new and current students) and is willing to serve an internship at GYSBI during semester breaks, can apply.

Students from the West Bank of Demerara as well as children of staff members who are employed on the Gas to Energy Project will receive special consideration.

Each beneficiary of this initiative will have their yearly academic expenses up to the sum of GYD$500,000 fully paid.

To access the application form and list of documents required, please visit .

The deadline for submission of applications is June 30th, 2024. Further information can be found on our website and social media platforms.

[GYSBI Press Release]


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