‘Smart’ card for every patient as the Electronic Health Record system kicks in – Dr Anthony


The Ministry of Health is currently working to implement an Electronic Health Record system (EHRS) which would see every citizen owning a smart card containing their medical history.

“The Ministry is in the process of building out an Electronic Health Record system. So by the end of the year we will be rolling parts of that out.

“And over the next couple of years, we are hoping that every Guyanese that use the public health system, to begin with, would have a smart card which will contain their whole medical history,” Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony disclosed on Friday.

Aimed at enhancing patients’ experience, the Electronic Health Record is being designed to contain patients medical history, diagnosis, tests results and medications.

“So you swipe your card, the medical history comes up, so somebody would know what treatment you are on, what meds you are using.

“Now you have all the records, all the images, all your diagnostics, it would be very helpful,” Dr Anthony said.

The project will be financed through funding from an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) loan.

Already, Dr Anthony said the Ministry had invited proposals for eligible bidders. A total of 14 companies expressed their interest.

They were narrowed down to four companies who are currently going through a second phase of evaluation.

“Part of that evaluation would be that they have to do a demonstration of the software they are offering. So we are in the second process right now,” Dr Anthony said.

Once that is completed, Dr Anthony said a decision will be taken as to which one of the companies will be hired to design and install the system.

“We are very optimistic that we will be able to complete this process within the near month. Once that is completed and we get the Inter-American Development bank no objection, then we will contract the company so that they can start working,” Dr Anthony said.

Another aspect of the project will be to ensure that all the necessary systems are in place including the training of staff.

“That would be a longer process but we are hoping to start by the end of the year,” he said.

Additionally, Dr Anthony said with the new Data Protection law, there are certain requirements that will have to be fulfilled to ensure that patient’s data are “properly” protected.

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  1. Lynden Mona says

    who will be excluded from this system ? what proof will get public to witness all ministers and children receive this high tech simulation of population control for who must live and who would not.

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