GYSBI injects timely boost to Senior Track and Field Championships


Guyana Shore Base Inc (GYSBI) has stepped up to support the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) Senior Track and Field Championships, which commence today (June 15th) at the Synthetic Track on West Coast Demerara.

GYSBI’s Public Relations Manager, Gomatie Gangadin, emphasized the importance of corporate sponsorship in fostering athletic development. “We at GYSBI believe corporate Guyana plays a crucial role, and athletics is no exception,” she said. “We’re firm believers in supporting initiatives that promote youth, sports, and community development.”

Gangadin highlighted their commitment to empowering Guyanese athletes. “When given the opportunity, a proper platform, and tangible support, these talented individuals have the potential to achieve remarkable success on both the national and international stages,” she stated.

“Our significant donation today underscores this commitment,” Gangadin continued. “By backing these championships, we’re providing opportunities for our athletes to excel. We’re excited to witness exceptional performances and possibly even see some records broken over the next two days.”

This timely contribution comes as the AAG hopes that athletes’ personal quests for Olympic qualification will ignite fierce competition at the Championships. No Guyanese track and field athlete has yet secured a berth based on current entry standards.

However, Acting AAG President Sheryl Hermonstine revealed that approximately 13 Guyanese athletes residing overseas have returned home to compete in this prestigious event. The competition will also feature four Trinidadian athletes, bringing the total number of participants to 200.

Hermonstine anticipates a “highly competitive” atmosphere, which is expected to benefit the sport’s development within Guyana. Competition Director Mark Scott echoes this sentiment, highlighting the local athletes’ eagerness to test their mettle against their overseas counterparts.

The competition kicks off at 10:00h today with the men’s 10,000m race.

This will be followed by the 100m semi-finals, the 1,500m finals, and the highly anticipated 100m finals.

The women’s 5,000m will also take place on Saturday, while Sunday morning brings the Long Jump and a host of other events.

With GYSBI’s support and the athletes’ Olympic aspirations, the stage is set for a thrilling Senior Track and Field Championships.

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