Indian nationals detained at 63 beach, sent back to Suriname


A group of Indian nationals and two local drivers were arrested on Friday at the No.63 Beach entrance, Corentyne, Berbice after it was determined that the Indians entered the country illegally.

Police who were on mobile patrol at about 00:38 hrs observed two cars, PAB 9258 and HD 26, were heading north but stopped.

As a result, they approached the drivers and questioned them and escorted them to Springlands Police Station.

The Indians were identified as: Saurab, 22, unemployed; Rathee Sahil, 26, a farmer of Delhi; Rahul, 23, a farmer of Chandigarh, Sagar, 23, a farmer of Chandigarh; Gurlall Singh Bajwa,19 yrs of Bareilly; Hardeep Singh, 36, a farmer of Chandigarh; Baldev Singh, 23, a farmer of Dehradun; and Gurjit Singh, 22 a farmer of Jalandhar.

Checks made to their Indian passport showed that that the Indians arrived in Suriname between May 18 and May 27, 2024 respectively. They entered Guyana without presenting themselves to Guyana immigration.

They were subsequently handed over to the Immigration Department and sent back to Suriname.

The driver of motor car PAB 9258 – a 41-year-old No. 50 village, Corentyne, Berbice – and the driver of HC 26, -a 43-year-old resident of Haslington, New Amsterdam – were released on station bail of $100,000 each.

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  1. habeeb says

    It’s our magnet- the oil- drawing people from all over the world because they were invited by the current
    government- never mind how they enter the country.
    With India’s billion plus people, many cannot find jobs there with their “degrees”.
    The blame must be at modi’s feet, this newly minted dictator just caters for those “rich” who
    calls him their “god”.
    They blend well with our East Indian nationals.

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